Hello, Mizuky’s talking xD hehe..

okeh, langsung saja yaaa xD

Mizuky’s Pen Name | Diyah Ayu Anggraeni as My Real Name | 3 Okt ’98 (so you can deside for call me eonni or saeng) ;)

A Little Girl and Ordinary People who always has a Dream | Like to be an Author | Reading and Writing Lovers |

A Person that expect with Art and Story | Love “Gratisan” | A Lazy Girl | A Girl who was Born to be a Queen | Ambitious Person

Funny Person | Swing Mood | Really Annoying | Cockroach’s Hater |

Simply right?

find me at:

WordPress | Tumblr | Twitter

If there any question about me, just asked me, oke^^ so, can we be a friend? ^^

5 thoughts on “Mizuky

  1. Aigoo.. Thor jeongmal mianhae 😥

    Aku baru baca profilnya author dan.. Ternyata umur aku sama author tu tua author 😥
    Mian klo comment” q di ffnya author agak gmn gtu 🙂

    Aish jinjja jeongmal mianhae thor 😥


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