Author: My ShineEra 최 민 연 (ZuKey)

Title: Priceless Love

Length: Chaptered

Gendre: Romance, Friendship

Rating: PG- 14

Casts: Hwang Mi Young (Tiffany SNSD), Lee Dong Hae (Donghae Super Junior), Choi Siwon (Siwon Super Junior)

Support Cast: Jung Jessica (SNSD), Lee Sunny (SNSD), and etc (Find it by your self)

Desclimer: Love not just need believe. Time is also important.

Notes: The story is mine. But other casts are God’s

This is not about you, me, or him. It’s about the reality and destiny

It’s about my life

I’ve finally found that life goes on without you and my world still turns when you’re not around.

-Unknown Quotes-

As the days go by

One that I know

Time has changed everything

Love is everlasting

But the fact isn’t as same

And the earth never gonna stop spinning

As you see me

Much time for change

But less time for reviews

And you know that past is always be history

Losing is the way we could fell the victory

By the time you go

It’s never gonna back

Cause now

This is my life

-Hwang Tiffany-

Bertemu denganmu adalah takdir, menjadi temanmu adalah pilihan,

Tetapi jatuh cinta padamu, aku tidak punya kendali

-Unknow Author-

The way I reach you

All needed time

The way I lost you

That also caused of time

But here I am

Looking you as a different girl

That made me hard to recoqnized

Tell me the simplest way to get you back

Instead I will use my one way

Just wait

And see

-Lee Donghae-

Bukanlah kekasih jika dia tidak mencintai selamanya


You knew how long I’ve been waiting for you

You knew that I’ll never give up for you

Let the past goes by

And let us join the huge future

Well even for this

You’re mine

My only girl

-Choi Siwon-

Hati memiliki alasannya sendiri yang tidak dikenal oleh akal

-Blaise Pascal-


25 thoughts on “PRICELESS LOVE [PROLOG] – Alfa dan Omega

  1. thor ,nerd in love ajj gk lmaa lmaa2 bngeet nunggu part 1’a ,inn mnaa part 1’a thooor ?? jngaan lmaa TT
    h ya ,Jung SaeRa ,chingu ,anda author yaak ?? kooq kea’a prnaah liat d mnaa gtuu ?? lgiaan d snii kn gk add nichkhun’a ?? lgiaan emang ada ya khunfany ?? bruu dngeer ?? *readers nrocos ajj ,–*


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